Activism After Hours NSW

Do you want to broaden your understanding of contemporary human rights issues and meet like-minded people?

Amnesty International has grassroots local action groups throughout NSW, Australia and the world who work to campaign on human rights issues. We’re an independent, global movement of people who campaign courageously for human rights. In more than 150 countries worldwide, over seven million of us stand together for justice, freedom, human dignity and equality.

At this Activism After Hours session we will bring together Amnesty supporters from across Sydney to engage in lively discussion about human rights issues we are facing today. This a great opportunity to get a taste for the type of change that Amnesty International campaigns for, and to build relationships with a great group of people who also feel strongly about contributing to human rights impact in 2017. You can participate in the debate, or simply come along to listen and learn. 

This event is an open discussion forum where we can come together to share our passions and engage in conversations that can be channeled into action. Amnesty is a grassroots democratic organisation, so your passion has the potential to one day become an Amnesty campaign! You can join us and present on a topic you love or you can join us and be part of the discussion that follows (or both). Presentations can be on any topic and in any format: a casual speech, a multimedia powerpoint, a dance, a piece of music, an activity or a game - be as creative as you like! Presentations should be about 5 minutes or less and will be followed by approximately 10 to 15 minutes of discussion.

Please bring an open mind, a friend and a drink of your choice (water, coffee and tea will be provided)! Our amazing team of catering volunteers will be providing food for us all.  

One presentation will be focused on an Amnesty International Campaign and we will provide opportunities for you to get involved with Amnesty if you’re interested in volunteering! We hope to build relationships and connections so whether you’re an Amnesty newbie or a long time member please come along to Activism After Hours!

If you would like to present, please fill out this form with your details! Thank you!

May 01, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Amnesty NSW Action Centre
79 Myrtle St
Level 1
Sydney, NSW 2008
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CONTACT · · 02 8396 7616
Erin Talur Yasir Elgamil Isabelle Roe Hugh Takahashi Shirley Hall Georgie Toner Grace Farmer Kasia Brulinski Amie Stevenson Elise Frost Cheree Toka Tom Fergusson James London Zoe Nutter Joanna Dixon Claire Linnane Elinor Wilcken Lucia Bautista Frances Lee Yasmin Mohamed Safina Bux

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Erin Talur
Yasir Elgamil
Isabelle Roe
Hugh Takahashi
Shirley Hall
Georgie Toner
Grace Farmer
Kasia Brulinski
Amie Stevenson
Elise Frost
Cheree Toka

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